F1 2020 / PS4


Formula Karting organizes a F1 2020 Championship on the Playstation 4!
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There will be 6 race-evenings in total. Every race-evening there will be driven 2 races on 25% on 2 different tracks. Every race has a short qualifying of 18 minutes. 

Because the level of drivers differs a lot, there will be a 'Balance of Performance' rule. This means that the first race will be driven in the Multiplayer car. From the second Race-evening onwards, the 'reverse-car' rule will be implemented. Meaning that P1 and P2 from the standings HAVE to drive the Williams car. P3 and P4 HAVE to drive the Haas' car. After every race-evening, car selection will happen again based on the standings.   


Rules / Settings

Category: Multiplayer & F1 2020
Car performance: Equal & Realistic
Practice: No
Qualification: Short (18 minutes)
Race start: Manual
Race distance: 25%
Parc fermé: Yes
Collisions: Yes
Damage: Full
Ghosts: No
Set-up: No
Rules/Flags: Yes

Ruling: Strict
Tire Temperature: Both
Brake assistance: Off
Anti lock: Off
Traction control: MEDIUM
Racing line: Off
Gearbox: Manual
Pit assistance: Off
Pit release: Off
ERS assistance: Off
DRS assistance: Off
Fuel assistance: Off


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